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Betting Tips To Help With Your Online Sports Betting In 2021

Online sports betting is a strong passion that millions enjoy around the world. When you sign up to bet at the best Turkish bookmakers, you can bet on over 45 different sports and 1000’s of betting markets. In this article, we offer some essential betting tips to help you stand more chance of winning your bets. We cover various topics, including Bankroll Management, Bet Sizing, Research, Live Betting, and more.

One of the most important things to remember when you start sports betting online is to be responsible. It’s always wise to only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. This helps keep things in control and fun and allows you to keep a cool head even if a bet results in a loss.

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Betting Tips List

  • Bankroll Management: Control your bankroll, manage your bet sizes, safer for long term betting strategy
  • Research Statistics/Performance: Research a team’s history, statistics, and performance. Use detailed information to make informed bet choices
  • Betting Market Selection: Take advantage of the betting market choice at the top bookies. Find categories that you know well and look for the best value & betting opportunities.
  • Take Advantage Of Live Betting: When you place live bets, you can benefit from fluctuating odds and real-time changes in the game. This is an excellent tactic for those who use live betting in their strategy.

Bankroll Management

The term bankroll refers to your account balance. In many forms of gambling, especially poker, bankroll and bankroll management are popular. There’s a good reason for this. If you can control the amount in your account and place well-sized wagers, you stand a better chance of performing well over the long term. The main reason behind this is that if you go through any losing streaks because you’re betting appropriate-sized stakes, you can weather out any bad runs and maintain your account balance until luck comes back.

There are no definite rules for bankroll management, and it will vary depending on the type of stakes you usually bet. The principles remain the same, though. If your bankroll amount represents 100%, you can size your bets in stakes between 0.5%-2.5% of your bankroll. For example, if your account balance is ₺1000 and you only want to risk 2% per bet, then you would risk ₺20 on each bet. This means your ₺1000 balance can place 50 bets at this stake size and enables you to have more long-term potential.

Bet Sizing

Sizing your bets is one of the most critical aspects of successful sports betting. If you have a balance of ₺500 and decide to place ₺250 wagers, you only have two bets before your balance runs out. If none of those bets win, then you’ve lost your entire balance. If you place smaller-sized bets, for instance, ₺10 per wager, then your balance can handle 50 bets, and you stand a greater chance of hitting more winning bets over the long run.


Team Statistics & Past Performance

Another crucial aspect to picking more winning sports bets is to do proper research! There are so many useful websites out there that let you look at a sports team’s history, recent performance, statistics, and other vital info. These details can help you make a much more confident decision when you place your bet.

Some valuable ways you can use this information is by finding out if the team is in good performance recently and how their opponent has been playing. This is great for picking selections like Match Winner or 1×2. You can also go through the data and find out how many goals the teams are averaging per match and if they’ve been scoring lots lately. This is perfect for those who enjoy over/under betting and spread betting.

Best Sports Statistic Sites

Stay Up To Date With Latest Sports News

Staying up to date with the latest news is also another essential tip. Each week team lineups can change due to player injury and other reasons. These decisions can drastically affect certain games, and it’s wise to stay in the loop. When you have access to the latest news, you can also find betting opportunities. For example, suppose a weak team has their best defender out on injury, and they’re playing a solid team. In that case, it could be an excellent opportunity to bet on the other team to score multiple goals or the over/under market.

Best Sports News Sites

Betting Market Selection

In the old days, we all had to walk into a local bookie, and the choice of markets was basic. Since the boom of the internet and the explosion in popularity with sports betting, the best online bookies for Turkey now offer a fantastic choice of betting markets. As a sports bettor, you can take advantage of this by looking at different gambling sites, finding the ones that offer the best markets and odds for your style of betting.

For example, if you enjoy betting on corners, it would be wise to check out 22Bet. They offer alternative corner lines that go up to over 18 corners and represent some fantastic high odds betting opportunities. However, if you’re more into spread betting and handicaps, then you’ll enjoy the selection at 1xBet. With 1000’s of options available, you can get creative with your handicap betting in 2021.

1xbet football

Live Betting

Live betting is an exciting invention that everyone now loves. Traditionally people placed wagers pre-match, and the ability to bet live wasn’t an option till after the 2000s. Now the top bookies for Turkey offer live betting, some with just the click of a button. They are making it easier than ever to bet on all types of sports in real-time.

When you look at the live betting section on a bookie site, you will notice that the odds price will move up and down. These fluctuations are determined by market movements (people placing bets) and events in the game. If you’re watching a live football match and see how the teams are playing, it’s much easier to grasp the game and make a more confident betting decision.

Certain events can happen in a match that can create great betting opportunities. For example, if a critical attacking player is injured, that could represent fewer goals being scored during the game. Alternatively, if a vital defender is taken off or the underdog receives a red card, this could be an opportunity for more action & goals.


There are loads of options to pick from when betting online. Take your time when you’re starting and bet small amounts while you figure out the platform. As you work your way up, you’ll become more confident and work out the best betting markets and live betting options to bet on for a winning result. You can view our up-to-date list of the top 10 bookmakers for Turkey and get started below.

Best Bookmakers For Turkey In 2021

  • 1 1xbet logo ₺1,000 Sports Bonus
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    • Multiple Licenses
    • 1500+ Betting Markets For Top Football Games
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    • 1000's Of Fun Casino Games
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  • 2 bets10 logo ₺5,000 Sports Bonus
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    • Live Betting
    • Casino + Live Casino
    • Bet Builder & Price Boosts
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  • 3 megapari logo ₺1,000 Sports Bonus
    • Turkish Language & Currency
    • 45+ Sports To Bet On
    • Odds Payout Up To 96% For Football
    • 1500+ Betting Markets For Top Football Matches
    • E-Sports & Virtual Sports
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  • 4 betwinner logo ₺750 Sports Bonus
    • Turkish Language & Currency
    • 50+ Sports To Bet On
    • Up To 1500 Betting Markets
    • E-Sports & Virtual Sports
    • Casino Slots, Live Casino & Poker
    • Bonuses, Cashback & Bet Insurance
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  • 5 22bet logo ₺750 Sports Bonus
    • 44 Sports To Bet On
    • 1000's Of Betting Markets
    • Great Betting Odds - Average 95%
    • Live Betting
    • 1000's Of Casino Slots, Live Dealer and Jackpot Games
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  • 6 marsbet-logo 10% Daily Cashback
    • Turkish Language & Currency
    • 41 Sports To Bet On
    • 1100+ Betting Markets For Top Football Events
    • E-Sports & Virtual Sports
    • Bingo, Casino & Live Casino
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  • 7 nesine-logo
    • Turkish License, Language & Currency
    • Live Streaming
    • SporToto Events
    • ₺1 Minimum Deposit
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  • 8 bilyoner logo
    • Turkish Language, Currency & Licensed
    • Simple & Easy To Use Betting Platform
    • Established In 2003
    • Live Betting
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  • 9 tuttur logo
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    • 130+ Betting Markets For Football
    • Live Betting & Mobile Apps
    • Social Betting & Coupons
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  • 10 iddaa logo
    • Turkish Licensed Bookmaker
    • Established Since 2003
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